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The X by Lorena Bathey

Fasten your seat belt for this ride of a book! A truly inspiring story about a woman who is blindsided and loses everything to pull herself up to fight for her family and what she believes in. Clarissa is a heroine that everyone will love. Her character is extremely well developed; you see wonderful insights into a remarkable woman who fights for her children and herself against a truly evil and vindictive husband who cares for nothing but his ultimate agenda.

With the help of karate teaching Dan and ex-FBI agent Bryce, Clarissa embarks on a journey of not only physical demands but emotional and mental demands that at time seem enough to break this woman. She showed not only intelligence, but a resilient emotional stature, and she handles everything thrown in her way!

Lorena Bathey has a winner here! Not only are the characters amazing but the writing is intriguing and suspenseful. Menacing secrets, elaborate cover ups, amazing courage in the face of danger and a mothers love that never stops. This is a book you won’t put down anytime soon!

“Be loyal, be filled with integrity, and never lose sight of who you are.”

*taken from my other blog http://cherrylemonade.net*


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